ACR 2007

A prelaunch, Island exhibit for a new Rheumatology drug. The first image shows several of the take-away items from this exhibit. I designed the Quiz cards used by attendees to entice participation and called them to receive the timetine poster and custom carrier. Having provided posters at other exhibits and seen many discarded because attendees were unable to transport them home, I conceived of the branded poster holder, which also functions as an insulated cooler, able to hold up to six 12oz. cans. This premium was very well received. As a Creative Design Manager for the product team, I was involved in every stage of the development of these exhibits and provided the team with comprehensive support including; pitch proposals, branding, Corporate ID, exhibit layout, print media, promotional review and premiums. As the exhibit house liason with both the product team and their agency, I was heavily immersed in all details.
Premiums and print material used during this exhibit. Agency developed a historical timeline poster highlighting the medical advances in Rheumatology.  My concept was to provide attendees with an insulated beverage carrier which doubled as a poster holder to both protect the premium and increase its desirability. Other items included an educational interactive companion as well as a booth directory and quiz card used to obtain both educational premiums.
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